The Native Island Business & Community Affairs Association

Strives to stay on target with the needs of the community

Who We Are

The Native Island Business & Community Affairs Association was established in 1994 in response for a need of business resources within the native island community. Its mission of improving the quality of life of native islanders still remains a focus. 

The organization’s Executive Director – Eric C. Turpin, Sr. has been with the organization since 2014 and comes with a plethora of leadership experience as a former VP Executive at Coca-Cola. 

Our Board Chairman – T. Curtis Barnwell serves as chairman of NIBCAA’s Board of Directors and is a native of Hilton Head Island. 

What We Do

nibcaa Initiatives

Gullah Celebration

Since 1996, the Native Island Business & Community Affairs Association has hosted the Annual Hilton Head Island Gullah Celebration. This month long event held in the February is filled with many opportunities to experience everything Gullah. From the Gullah art, the foodways and many of the traditions and culture synonymous with Hilton Head Island. 


An initiative geared at the milennial crowd and keeping those included in this sector engaged and informed about issues affecting their demographic as well as our community. Participants are exposed to industry or field experts with countless resources. 


Community Action Committee

The Community Action Committee made up of the fourteen (14) Gullah neighborhoods on Hilton Head. The committee has been instrumental through the years with addressing longstanding community issues, sponsoring workshops to keep residents informed on crucial topics such as heirs property, clear title, taxes, etc. The CAC keeps residents abreast of local, state and national issues impacting them and their communities. 

Small Business Development Center

In its inaugural phase, the Small Business Development Center will be used to provide resources to the small business owners. Resources such as how to entreprenuership, planning for business success, researching and developing a market, financial management, brand management, marketing and social media. 

On the Hook Fishing Program

The On the Hook Fishing Program founded by Benjamin Green and aims at teaching prospective anglers how to fish, crab, and shrimp. The program is held at the Fishing and Rowing Center located on Squire Pope Road every Saturday from 4PM to 7PM during the months of April until late October. 

Arts Ob We People Gullah Wall/Art Academy Exhibition

During the annual Gullah Celebration held during the month of February, a Gullah art exhibit showcasing Gullah artists is displayed at the Art League of Hilton Head Gallery located at 14 Shelter Cove Ln.

During the summer months a Gullah Wall is displayed at the Art League of Hilton Head and a exhibit is displayed at the Art Academy of Hilton Head located at 106 Cordillo Pkwy. 


Dr. Emory Campbell - Gullah Geechee Consultant

NIBCAA’s much needed activities and programs provide a tremendous enhancement for the quality of life of the underserved who are too often left behind on Hilton Head and surrounding areas. 

Dr. Louise Miller Cohen - Gullah Museum Founder

Gullah Heritage Tourism will be successful and will survive with NIBCAA leading the way. Supporting historic sites, arts and crafts, performing arts, food and Heritage Celebrations and festivals.

Our Partners